Chase's R&R!

I started a countdown on my phone at 67 days
which felt like it would never get here.
I cannot believe that those 2 weeks have now already
come and passed.

The past 2 weeks of Chase's R&R have truly been
the absolute BEST 2 weeks of this whole

7 months is far too long to go without seeing him.

We really had so much fun with best friends, family
and a lot of much needed and well deserved
"us" time.

Also, Chase was so sweet to make sure to set it up
so that he was here for our
One Year Anniversary.
~November 13~

How is it that this year has felt like it's gone by SO
incredibly slow, and yet I can't believe
that we've already been married for a year?
And, why did the 2 weeks that I wanted
to go by slowly have to just fly by?
Father time is not very fair.

But, I am SO grateful for the time that I was able
to spend with him.
We definitely made the most of every single minute we had!

Saying goodbye to him yet once again was still just
as hard as every other time I've had to
over the past year and a half.
But he made me realize that this time is the
LAST time I will EVER
have to say goodbye to him and drive
away from the airport crying.
Only 4 more months
(give or take)
and he will be back home to me

So, the countdown to Feb. 1st is on
(Which is when I'm moving back to Hawaii to start setting up the house.)
and then it will only be another month and a half
to two more months to countdown
until he's home.


 I was so excited to see him!


 We had a double date night with two of our best friends and went ice skating!!


 Happy One Year Anniversary!

 Our official new tradition! Instead of going out to dinner, we order pizza!

 I was so anxious to see what it was!

Love him SOO much!

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